Flower vase centerpieces and wine glasses
Bubbly champagne being poured into glasses

Wedding Catering in Orlando

Delight Your Senses

Your story is unique—why should your catering be any different? Channel a bohemian vibe that emphasizes creativity with delightful pairings. Each dish and drink is crafted to inspire.

Menu Offerings

Catering appetizers

Hors d'Oeuvres

Small plates to stimulate the appetite.

a buffet of food


Indulge in a little or a lot of everything.

Plated catering


Masterful presentation at its finest.

bohemian bouquet center pieces

Display Enhancements

Land and sea for all to savor.

Chef carving meat

Display Stations

Simply the best—perfected.

Close up of wedding cake

Additional Affairs

From first welcome to final farewell.